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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Partner Profile – Hydrogenics Corporation

Shifting power is a subject well understood at Hydrogenics. For decades our company has provided electrolyzers to industrial customers in the most remote corners of the world, shifting electrical power to hydrogen gas for the manufacture of glass, oil and fats, and metallurgical processes.  Today we are scaling this technology to convert and deliver renewable energy through natural gas pipelines. Power to Gas.

We’ve successfully shifted renewable generated power to hydrogen fuel – supplying equipment and services for over 45 fueling stations around the globe feeding a growing fleet of zero-emission road transportation.  Power to Fuel.

We’ve served customers shifting clean hydrogen power to make things move – using our power modules to power buses, trucks, trains, planes, naval vessels and even lunar rovers.  And we’ve provided systems which shift hydrogen power for back up equipment to protect data centers and telecom towers when grid power fails.  Power to Move. Power to Protect.

Hydrogenics is renowned for its platform of patented technologies and in recent years we started scaling these to meet the growing energy needs of our world including the growing desire for the adoption of renewable energy at utility scale.    

Due to the intermittent nature of renewable energy there is a demand to store excess energy at a utility-scale but so far it has been a demand that has been largely unanswered.  While energy storage is the ultimate key to providing clean and economical energy, the only conventional technologies that offer mass energy storage face serious challenges when scaled to utility size proportions.

In Ontario, Canada, Hydrogenics and Enbridge Inc. are pioneering “Power-to-Gas” as an innovative way to store and transport large quantities of energy. Power-to-Gas uses surplus power to produce hydrogen by electrolyzing water. The hydrogen gas is injected into an existing natural gas pipeline network meaning that this surplus power in the form of hydrogen gas is not restricted to the site of generation. It flows to where it is needed, when it is needed. This separation of generation and utilization offers power grid operators flexibility and overall grid efficiency.

The scale of the hydrogen solution offers local and regional power grid operators a significantly larger grid management tool compared to conventional solutions. The convergence of the electrical power grid with the natural gas distribution network will allow grid operators to manage energy flow from electrical power to gas, and then from gas back to electrical power, when and where these energy conversions are most beneficial to the power grids.

For the first time, WHEC2012 will be hosting Power-to-Gas scientific sessions on Wednesday, June 6th starting at 11:00 am (as well as at the 8:30am Plenary Session “End User”).  Daryl Wilson, CEO of Hydrogenics Corporation along with David Teichroeb, Business Development Emerging Markets at Enbridge, Inc. and Vattenfall Europe’s Dr. Oliver Weinmann, Head of Innovation Management and many others will talk about this exciting opportunity.

Come join us.

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